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Privacy Policy

Information about data processing

Under current data protection legislation, we inform you that within the scope of the Commercial Relationship with its users, Clinica SAN – Saúde Integrativa., hereinafter referred to as SAN – PNIC, Lda, is responsible for the processing of personal data which is necessary to provide health care.

SAN – PNIC, Lda. is committed to the confidentiality of the personal data of those it serves, and therefore the necessary technical and organizational measures will always be taken to comply with current regulations, ensuring that the processing of data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the legal purpose of medical and/or nursing acts, including the following existing services, namely: Medical Consultations (Physiatry, Psychiatry, Neurology); Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychomotricity, Osteopathy, Nutrition and Psychology).

Internally, the data collected is processed by administrative staff, doctors, nurses and IT technicians who are also managers of the company. All employees are subject to professional secrecy and confidentiality. Externally, the data can be consulted by State services and other public entities in the event of inspections, of which the ERS (Health Regulatory Entity) stands out. If the user activates the Insurance / Health System, the data is communicated to them as part of the contract with the user.

The data controller informed me that at any time I have the right to request access to my data from the controller, as well as the right to rectify them if necessary. Right to information about how data is processed. I have the Right to Oppose and the Right to Limitation of Treatment and the Right to Portability.

Billing data is retained for 10 years for tax purposes. Documents on physical media are eliminated by shredding using a dedicated shredder that produces 4x40mm particles with security level P4 in accordance with the DIN security protocol. Digital documents are digitally deleted.

Users will be able to book appointments via the website. The data required for this purpose are: first and last name, telephone number and email address. Information about the date and time of the consultation is communicated to the administrative services via email: admin@sanintegrativa.pt.

At any time, the user may contact our Data Protection Officer, via email admin@sanintegrativa.pt, or via telephone contacts: 289 845 131, or 965 892 011. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNPD or another competent control authority in accordance with the law.

Subcontractors also have access to the data:


Computer program for billing management and clinical management of users. The following data can be entered in this program: full name, SNS number, NIF, date of birth, CC number and respective expiration date, gender, health system, marital status, education, address, cell phone, email , and also, photo of the holder when the CC is used behind the card reader, identification of responsible caregivers, contact details of responsible caregivers:


Accounting company that has access to users’ billing data;

Healthcare providers contracted for the areas of:

physiotherapy, physiatry, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, osteopathy, nursing;

Google WorkSpace:

Server used to manage electronic mail, diaries and digital information archive. The domain is hosted on this server www.sanintegrativa.pt.